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2 deaths, multiple injuries in Florida car crash

A Pasco County, Florida, car accident resulted in two deaths, numerous injuries and damage to multiple vehicles.

The driver who initiated the crash was a 16-year-old man. After losing control of his vehicle, the 16-year-old driver's car catapulted across the median into oncoming traffic. His car then had a head-on collision with another car driven by a 91-year-old woman. After this collision the 16-year-old's car spun around and struck two more vehicles. Debris from the crashes also collided with a fifth vehicle.

These multiple collisions resulted in catastrophic injuries for two of the motorists. The teenage driver died at the scene and the 91-year-old driver was transported to Tampa General Hospital where she later died.

There were no doubt numerous other bodily injuries sustained by other drivers, as well as damage to several vehicles.

The accident will require further investigation in order to conclusively determine what happened and why it happened. An accurate, comprehensive reconstruction of the accident is especially important when one of the key witnesses -- the initiating driver -- is deceased.

Individuals who suffered serious bodily injuries as a result of a negligent have a special interest in the results of the accident reconstruction. These drivers and the family members of the deceased drivers may use the results of the police investigation to determine their legal rights and responsibilities under Florida law. Possible lawsuits that could result from this accident include personal injury, property damage and wrongful death suits.

In the case that the driver responsible for causing the accident has passed away, the others impacted by the crash may have the ability to sue the negligent party's estate. That way they can be compensated for any damages they have suffered as a result of the driver's failure to uphold their responsibilities.

Source: WSTP-TV News, "Fatal 5-car accident closes SR-54 in Pasco," June 23, 2012

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